26 May 2013

SoftairRealFight for iphone5 available for download!

Finally the first release of SoftairRealFight is available thru the Apple store!
We have worked very hard to achive this result and since it's our first release it is not as complete as the Nokia version. But don't worry about that, app is very stable and working in all important parts. Actually there are some lacks we think are important to notice:
1. Game rescue is not available yet (after crash or things like that)
2. There are no visual tips on internet status or remote server connection (but this release is completely capable to automatically get lost connection up or for example if you lock your iphone or put down in background. In navigation form, the connection status image works as expected in the doc)
3. Little differences (e.g. you can move down/up the navigation cover just tapping on it and not using swipe as Nokia version does)

Thanks for patient and feedback us what you think!