04 June 2014

What a red-letter day is today for SoftairRealFight!!!

What a big day is today!!!
A big effort has been done to fill the gap SoftairRealFight was having...
Today our application will be available on Google Play and Blackberry World growing up family and provides a bigger integration and a better experience!
This new release will support several popular resolutions and we think some of those are worth to be pointed out:

1. Samsung galaxy s2 (and all vendors provide similar resolution)
2. Samsung galaxy s3, nexus4 (and all vendors provide similar resolution)
3. Samsung galaxy s4 mini (and all vendors provide similar resolution)
4. Samsung galaxy s4, s5, nexus5

1. on nexus and similar, software navigation bar (activated by keyboard) doesn't disappear.
workaround 1: you have just to bring application in background and then in foreground again
workaround 2 (advanced): add "qemu.hw.mainkeys = 1" (without quotas) at the end of build.prop into /system and then reboot device

2. when you terminate a session game on the radar and you start again a new game or partecipation, application suddenly crash.
workaround: when you have terminated a session game, kill the app and restart it again

We have had hard-working days to provide you a better experience and a high level of device integrations and likely some bugs are provided as well...but we are here to tear those down!

SoftairRealFight Team